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Our cheap dedicated hosting server services will provide you with unrestricted hosting resources for total independence in building and managing your online presence. You will be a webmaster of your own server machine with a robust hardware configuration, powerful server characteristics and stable network parameters. Each server setup offers a choice of Operating Systems at signup. With ensured root or administrator access to the server, you will be able to install and configure any software that you need. If you prefer a Control Panel interface for managing your server, you can select a web hosting Control Panel (the free Hepsia Control Panel, cPanel, DirectAdmin).

Managing your own dedicated server requires advanced administration skills or assistance from a qualified server administrator. You can save time and efforts by taking advantage of our optional backup administration, software installation and troubleshooting services.

Please visit our Signup page and click on the “Dedicated Servers” tab to view our different plans and what features are included together with the price.

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